About us

    AASSTTIINN is a vast domain for globally local designers of Iran, committed to

    bringing to life a boom of economy in the newborn design scene of Iran.

    Established in 2016, AASSTTIINN is an online shop born, in response to the need

    for a cutting-edge platform for design and its market, to serve as a bridge between

    Iranian designers and the worldwide enthusiasts for design.

    We aim to create a dialogue with a new audience and try to be a part of cultivating

    and expanding the culture of art and design.

    AASSTTIINN is a start-up with several departments and has set up various pop-up

    shows and has taken part in related fairs and events.

    We opened up our very own physical store in addition to the online shop since winter

    2019. The shop is located in the north of Tehran and it laid the groundwork for

    holding events and solo exhibitions for designers, in order to fill this huge gap in

    the scene and also the market.