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    Black Gua sha stone

    400,000 Toman

    Products specifications

    Product Type: Massage tool
    Ingredients: Onyx
    Weight: 63-70 grams
    Dimensions: 11.5 * 5 cm

    Material: Stone

    Handmade: Yes

    SKU: ANEL-045

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    Gua sha tools are made from natural Persian marble stone to bring all its positive energy to your soul and body.

    Marble gua sha stones help to reduce tensions and inflammations, encourage lymphatic drainage, and boost circulation in the skin giving your skin a healthy, natural glow.

    From Tehran to the WORLD.
    AnShel is the story of two close friends who decided to follow the work of Dr. H.Kasehgari, a
    chemist, whose concerns for environment preservation, ethic and consumers' well-being, led
    to this slow-cosmetic alternative, which creates numerous organic cosmetics formulas with
    zero impact on the environment and consumers.
    Thanks to these untouched formulas, AnShel creates natural and sustainable soaps, using
    Cold Process Soap (CPS).
    AnShel is committed to sourcing high quality natural ingredients. The formulas are enriched
    with a combination of botanicals, carefully selected from Iran, and essential oils, from
    various fruits and plants, in France.
    AnShel draws its inspiration from the heart of nature, the desire to protect its biodiversity,
    and also to bring welfare and freshness in its natural products, without damaging the earth.
    Generously mixed into their products, each ingredient chosen provides the skin with gentle
    care nourishment and softness.

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