cream lion mantua


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    Material: cotton organza and flax linen
    Dry-clean only
    Free size

    Style: Occasional/Formal

    Type: Manteau Long

    Handmade: Yes

    Pattern: Crafted

    Eco-friendliness: Biodegradable

    SKU: ANAN-030
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    the lion archetype in iranian culturethe lion has played an unmissable part in iranian culturethe lion is a symbol of power, strength, glory and greatness. for this reason it was used for the protection and guarding of cities, temples and altarssculptures of lions can be found on the grave of many brave men and women in the bakhtiari region. the much loved lion can be seen on stamps, coins, tiles and fabricsbattling with wild creatures like lions was an honor for persians , it proved power. victory over a lion was considered a rebirth. in ancient persian literature including the shahname, herod and the brave are often referred to as lionto honor the bravery and strength of the iranian lioness we have designed the leo collection around this concept

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