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    Green Hoodie and Pants Set

    1,350,000 Toman

    Products specifications

    جنس: دورس تو پشمی
    قد مدل در تصویر 166 سانتی‌متر و سایز لباس آن یک میباشد
    رنگ: خاکی

    Style: Casual/Everyday

    Pattern: Simple

    Size: 1 2

    SKU: KOPP-0295

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    Dry-clean only

    Kop was created by two athletic buddies with a deep wanderlust. They were usually looking for simple clothing for their activities, which were often not easily found, therefor decided to produce such clothing themselves based on the experiences they had gained with such activities. They produce high quality clothes with reasonable prices. Their first collection consists of short-sleeve t-shirts, but they are working on more items such as trousers, pullovers and hoodies, which will be available soon.

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