KATIBEH WD 01 ring

    3,000,000 Toman

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    1000 NIGHTS collection KATIBEH series Yellow bronze

    Material: Bronze

    Color: Yellow

    Style: Architectural Design

    Pattern: Crafted

    SKU: WIAR-021
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    1000 NIGHTS collection

    One thousand in Persian means innumerable and therefore 1001 signifies an infinite number. This collection was born from the study of ancient archaeological finds and develops thanks to the magnetism caused by the collection of oriental tales "The Thousand and One Nights" of Persian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Indian origin which has been composed by different unknown authors since 900 AD.

    Katibeh: Epigraph, the words are engraved and the text hands down the memory of a historical event, publicly displayed on a stone or metal support.

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