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    Memory and linen women's pants

    1,200,000 Toman

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    color: black


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    قد : 98 سانتی متر

    ایده ی پشت اثر

    لباس های بدون سایز و جنسیت و کاربردی برای استفاده روزمره

    ویژگی ظاهری

    شلوار کمر کش دار می باشد

    نحوه ی نگه داری و شست و شو

    با آب سرد شسته و یا خشکشویی شود.

    Farda Basic is a ready to wear clothing brand produced by Farda Design. Manufacturing practical, conventional and timeless clothes which can be used regularly among an extensive range of tastes.

    Simple cuts and Basic fabrics are used in these collections, in order to provide garments which can be used for daily styles. People with different attitudes can benefit this ready to wear line no matter being professional in styling, you can manage to have your own ideal.

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