Navy grey denim straight pants

    340,000 Toman

    Products specifications

    Material: Linen

    Type: Jeans

    Cut: راسته

    Pattern: Patterned

    Style: Casual/Everyday

    SKU: KOI-013

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    کوپ شلوارها کمی بزرگتر از حالت معمول است، می توانید حدوداً یک سایز کوچکتر از سایز همیشگی تان سفارش دهید

    KOI started with a simple desire to create a modern day market offering reasonably priced, basic essentials for everyday people.
    We make all of our woven fabrics from scratch, working directly with each step of the supply chain from farm to mill, to cut and sew.
    Our goal is to continue making everyday goods and provide back hopeful jobs and opportunities to those who are affected most by the current economy.
    Join us on our playful adventure of wearable basics for more than just one season!

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