Origami ring


    Products specifications

    Material: silver
    Ring width: 1.5 cm
    Color: matte silver

    Material: Silver

    Style: Casual/Everyday Geometrical Design Architectural Design

    Handmade: Yes

    Pattern: Crafted

    SKU: POEH-021
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    How to hold earrings

    Due to the healing properties of silver, these products should be kept away from acidic, chlorinated, and moisture substances.

    How to wash earrings

    Dishwashing liquid: Take a wire brush and pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid on it. Then soak the silver a little and touch it with a wire brush soaked in dishwashing liquid.
    After a few minutes, wash the silver with plain water and dry it with an ordinary towel Show.

    - Metal scalpel: Prepare a scalpel ointment. Put a very small amount of it on a cotton cloth and clean your silverware with this cloth. After cleaning the silver, rinse it with water
    Wash and dry normally.
    This method gives the best result and is used in most cases to clean silverware
    You can get Jalsenj ointment from tool shops all over the country at very low prices.
    An ordinary scalpel ointment is sufficient for dozens of uses and has very high efficiency.

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