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    Red velvet high heels

    5,500,000 Toman

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    جنس: مخمل
    قد پاشنه : 8 سانتی متر

    جنس: حریر ابریشم زری بافت

    Material: Silk Fabric Pure Silk

    Handmade: Yes

    Style: Retro/Vintage Occasional/Formal

    Pattern: Crafted Patterned

    Size: 36 37 39 38

    SKU: MESH-090

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    these shoes are handmade and made in a shoemaker's workshop. one of the main difficulties in making beautiful and high quality shoes in this style is the fact that in these models the soles of the shoes start from the soles of the feet and cover them wherever they reach the heels; this requires fineness and it is very precise that these shoes are fully adhered to. on the other hand, the elegance used in the design and construction of the wrist strap requires high precision and time consuming production. the design of this model is inspired by old handmade shoesheel height: 8 cmmaterial: silk harir

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