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    Single-flame lamp with three white legs

    600,000 Toman

    Products specifications

    Material: Ceramic
    Dimensions: 5 x 15 x 18cm
    Color: Cream

    Handmade: Yes

    Pattern: Simple

    Style: Minimal

    SKU: DAIC-074

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    ایده پشت اثر:

    جاشمعي تك شعله سه پايه ،الهام گرفته از فرم هاي معماري و بنا طراحي شده ،اين مجموعه شامل جاشمعي دو شعله سه پايه،جاشمعي تك شعله دو پايه و جاشمعي تك شعله سه پايه است.

    “Dast Ceramics” was born out of artistic and artisanal experiments going back to 2012. Since the spring of 2020 their activities became more cohesive under the brand “Dast Ceramics”. Their main activity is producing design-objects, some hand-mande, which are used both decoratively and practically in interior-design.

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